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For the past six years, Impact PR has steadily advanced in its ambition to become one of the top Communications firms in the country. Founded by Mexican entrepreneurs, we believe that reputation and marketing are inextricably linked. We are guided by our conviction that trust is at the core of every aspect of commerce.


Now, more than ever, honesty is crucial. We are always honest with our clients, our team and ourselves. We always say what we think and expect the same back from our clients. Delivering on our promises is what makes us thrive, so we´ll never make promises we can´t keep.

Above all, we are personal. #WeLoveOurClients Transactional relationships are not for us. We have a personality and aren´t afraid to show it. Sure, we want to deliver the best work you´ve ever seen, but we also have fun doing it.


Public relations continues to be the essence of our business. Mainstream media is still vital, but we have evolved our firm because the operating environment demands a broader set of skills. People now get their information outside of traditional media, making the use of social media platforms and direct communications with consumers a necessity.

Branding strategic communications

WEB & Press kit design

Creative design & event production

Social Media content development (Digital MKT)

Media Relations (digital & print)


With our insight and creative development, we help clients create campaigns and movements that earn attention and trust, drive sales, and make meaningful change for society.